Should "Ћ" become a letter of the alphabet?


Following the example of the symbol "&" which represents the word "and", the Australian restaurateur Paul Mathis has proposed we make language more efficient by introducing the symbol Ћ - the combination of the letters "T" and "h" - in place of the word "the." 

Mathis, doesn't take the idea lightly. In fact he has spent nearly $40,000 developing the symbol and promoting its inclusion as the 27th letter of the alphabet. Per Square Media, has also created a short video about this radical idea.

But why should we limit this new symbol only to replace "the" when we can have it represent every "th" we find in the written language? Ћirty, Ћunder, Ћatcher, maЋ,     



Most likely the symbol is already sypported if you copy and paste it  on your computer (here it is: Ћ) but you can also download the app (Google Play) and get a keyboard with the new letter.