There is a roofless church and it was founded many centuries ago!

The church is devoted to Panagia Kakaviotissa (Mary of Kakavos) and is located at the top of the Kakavos mountain at Limnos island. It is the only roof-less church in the world. Its existence is known since 1305 when it became part of the nearest monastery. It was established by monks-anchorets during the Byzantine period.

Although it is located in a very isolated and not easily accessible place, the chapel is operated every Tuesday after Easter (make sure this is the Orthodox one) when the image of Mary of Kakavos is transferred  from the house of a local family that according to tradition was given the image by the last monk.

The hidden gem has a striking location from where it offers an impressive view to the sea and the mountainside of Lemnos. The best time to visit would be in the evening when the chapel is flooded by natural light. If you get there you will also be lucky to enjoy the impressive view to the sea and the mountainside of Lemnos.



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